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Cats and other Friends
Spark of Life
Will's Grave
The Russian's Seat
Hemingway Key West Tour

A few articles and short stories that might tickle your fancy

Cats and Other Friends - the friends who roam our neighborhood

The Curse of the Tombstone - a true Florida crime tale of the early 1900s

Shiva - A tribute to Dr. Edgar Hirshberg, our own expert on John D. MacDonald and everything literary;

The Hemingway Key West Tour - One of several homes, but one with great meaning to readers and writers, even today;

CENTCOM - an old piece about parachuting and the timeless dedication of our Servicemen and Women;

Spark of Life - The first chapter of a Si-Fi novel, set in the not-so-distant future;

Jamal - a children's story about a Bedouin girl of the Arabian desert and her camel;

Will's Grave - a short story set in Tampa during the Second Seminole War;

The Russian's Seat - a CENTCOM deployment in Africa - sorry - all I can say;

Hillsborough - A trip up the river;

Trip to the Finals - an EPIC journey that includes New Orleans;

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